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About us

Double Delta is incorporated in the State of Texas and is doing business in North Texas under the name of Double Delta Mailbox Service.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Lewisville, Texas with a mailing address of Post Office Box _______, Lewisville, TX  7506X

Our Sales and Service phone number is 214.263.9338

Our E-mail address is DoubleDelta@verizon.net

Terms and Conditions

State and Local sales tax is applied to and collected to all products and taxable services as listed in the written estimate.

All new or relocated excavation will be preceeded by an inspection by DIG TESS - TEXAS 811 services. This is a free service not chargable to residential customers.

Unless otherwise stated in a written estimate, payment is due upon completion of work stated on the written estimate.

Warranty includes the replacement of identical products where possible or simular products of equal quality and value.  Warranty included labor to replace items sold in the original estimate.  The Warranty does not include replacement due to damage or removal by any governmental, utility or neighborhood association.  The Warranty does not include damage due to extreme weather conditions such as high winds or hail.  The Warranty does not include damage due to destructive action due to landscaping, vehicular or other construction activity.  The Warranty does not include replacement or repair of damage caused by vandalism.